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Regulations & Permits

We oversee many state and federal laws designed to protect Washington's land, air, and water. Rules and regulations that direct state agencies, local governments, businesses, and others on how to comply with relevant laws are compiled in the Washington Administrative Code. See our laws, rules, & rulemaking page for more information about our current rules and rulemaking.

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Noise pollution
Learn more about how to manage noise pollution.
Determining if areas in Washington meet national air quality standards
Ecology determines whether areas in Washington meet national air quality standards.
Our air pollution implementation plan
The State Implementation Plan is an overarching plan to keep air clean.
Dam safety policies
Policies guide our dam safety work.
Spill response plans for facilities
Certain oil-handling facilities in Washington might need a spill response plan.
Geographic Response Plans (GRPs)
GRPs, a Northwest Area Contingency Plan tool, guide early, localized actions when oil spills happen.
Operations manual requirements
Operations manuals help prevent spills during the transfer, storage, and handling of oil.
Safe and effective threshold determination reports
Safe and effective reports establish conditions for protecting open water with oil containment boom.
Oil spill prevention plans for facilities
Oil spill prevention plans reduce the risk of oil spills at large refineries and marine terminals.
Policies and guidance for site cleanups
Policies and guidance interpret the MTCA cleanup law and help you clean up contaminated sites.
State Solid and Hazardous Waste Plan
Washington state’s management plan for solid waste and toxic materials.
Combined sewer overflows
We're working to control combined sewer overflows to keep water clean.
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation General Permit
Permit for operations with large numbers of livestock for long periods of time.
Dam permits
Construction or reservoir permits may be required for your project.
Dangerous waste permits
Dangerous waste permits apply to facilities that store, treat, or dispose of dangerous wastes.
EPA Vessel General Permit
Find out about the EPA Vessel General Permit and tap into helpful resources.
Training and certification for facilities
Well-trained facility staff are critical for an effective spill prevention program.
Fresh Fruit Packing General Permit
Find out about the Fresh Fruit Packing General Permit and get helpful resources.
Hanford dangerous waste & mixed waste permits
Permits direct cleanup to protect people and the environment from dangerous waste at Hanford.
Clean Water Act — Section 401 Water Quality Certifications
Under the Clean Water Act, we make decisions about hydropower licenses and non-hydropower projects.
3245 results 1 - 20 of 3245   Next page